Power Play Adrenaline Golf Fairway Wood ($52.95)
Power Play Adrenaline Golf Fairway Wood ($52.95)
progressive face thickness variable crown technologyoffset with stronger lofts uni-rail sole
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If you want to cut through the crap, spinach, deep cabbage or what ever else you may call it, let the Power Play Adrenaline’s uni-rail sole fairway woods plow right through it. As a matter of fact, the uni-rail is so versatile it is equally effective from the short rough and fairway too. In addition, the uni-rail provides relief from virtually any lie and reduces surface contact from where ever you are hitting the ball from.

Like our other high performance models, these have our variable crown technology to push weight ultra low to get the ball up easily, but offset with stronger lofts to promote less spin and more overall distance. These also feature our progressive face thickness to expand the sweet spot, increase ball speed and produce that unbelievable sound and feel at impact.

Peace out to bad lies forever.

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